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From the Island to the Gallery

March 8, 2016

18 paintings

Nine months after leaving the Laguna Madre Field Station, the one-man-show is finally hung at the Art Center of Corpus Christi.  The staff was kind enough to send me pictures of the show, since I won’t get to see it for another week.  The artist’s reception is set for May 16 from 5-7:00.  My mind is having so much trouble concentrating on my work up here on the opposite end of Texas, teaching school, crunching income tax figures and feeling restless.

I was pleased to learn today that enough people signed up for me to teach the 2 1/2 day watercolor workshop at the Art Center, then take a group to the island for an additional 2-day workshop.  I will also judge a watercolor exhibit by their local society. Below are pictures I’ve received of the show.

Thanks for reading.

Art Center 1

Art Center 2

Art Center 3