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Saturday at Art in the Park, Kennedale, Texas

March 31, 2012

Troublesome Creek Fly Fishing

Today is Saturday at Kennedale Texas.  I’m participating in Art in the Park.  The weather is absolutely beautiful, but the attendance is quite thin, so I have plenty of time to do watercolor in the booth.  I started and finished this one today, and if the crowds don’t pick up soon, it looks as though I’ll start (and perhaps finish) a second piece.  I worked from a photo that my guide shot of me angling a 24″ Cutthroat Trout at Troublesome Creek in Kremmling, Colorado, northwest of Denver.

The sun is so bright outside that I can barely see this image on my laptop.  If I find out later that it is badly reproduced, I’ll clean it up and re-post it.  I use Photoshop to sharpen my photos, but honestly, I cannot see anything in this bright light today.

Besides watercoloring, I am reading with great delight the Journals of the Romantic painter Eugene Delacroix.  The man’s mind (as well as his paintbrush) excites me to no end.  He has made me feel like such a featherweight in my journal endeavors over the past few decades.  I am determined to find a way to discuss my theories on watercolor with the exactitude that he did with his oils.  For sure, I do not travel the exotic lands that he did, but still I am enough of a road trip warrior that I can surely penetrate these odyssey experiments better with the written word, and with a watercolor block and camera in hand.  I can’t wait for the summer season to come around so I can see about putting some of this to work.

Thanks for reading.  I think I’ll start another fly fishing watercolor sketch.

Thanks for reading.

Blogging Live from Kennedale, Texas–Art in the Park

March 30, 2012

Art in the Park, Kennedale, Texas

I send you greetings, live (yes, live) from Art in the Park, Kennedale, Texas.  Happily I have wireless access, compliments of the nearby public library.  And they assured the artists that the access would be in place until after closing time every night of the festival.  It’s wonderful, being able for the first time to blog live from my booth.  It was a humid day for set-up, and I soaked two sets of clothes.  But I am cool and dry now, the festival gates have opened, and I’m just waiting for patrons.

The art scene is heating up.  I have fifteen framed watercolors hanging in DeSoto City Hall as of yesterday.  They will remain on view through the month of April.  I have another exhibition coming up at Arlington Museum of Art, with the artists reception on April 20.  Today begins a three-day festival (I”m still tired from the three-day festival last weekend).  We will close tonight, and it is my earnest intention to get a full night’s rest.  I’m still puny from the allergy sickness that has dragged me down all last week.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have enough in me to begin a watercolor on site.  It’s been a week.

Thanks for reading.

The Next Art Festival

March 28, 2012

Tripp Watercoloring at Festival

At the time of this writing, I am still very sick and debilitated by allergies.  But I have little room to stop (though I have slept a total of 20 hours during the last two sleep cycles).  I still need sleep.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I will be taking fifteen framed watercolors to DeSoto City Hall for an exhibition to last through the month of April.  Day-after-tomorrow, I load in for the Art in the Park Festival at Kennedale, Texas which will last three days.  Right now, I groan at the fact of raising my 10 x 10′ tent!  “But maybe in 48 hours I’ll be up to the task.

I will lead a two-day plein air watercolor workshop in Malakoff, Texas on April 12-13.  The watercolor society there seems to be a very active, aggressive bunch, and I cannot wait to meet them.

On April 20, I will be at the Artist’s Reception for the 5 x 5 Exhibit at the Arlington Museum of Art.  This will be my first time featured in an art museum show.

On April 21, my band has a gig at J. Gilligan’s in Arlington for a benefit.  So, we have to schedule some rehearsals to be ready for that as well.

My dance card is really filling up!  I have such a desire to return to the studio to pursue watercolor, but I am so sick right now, that all I want to do is crawl into bed.  And yet, at the time of this writing, I’m not even halfway through the school day.  Bummer.


Finished Advertising Image for Art in the Park

January 14, 2012

Art in the Park, Kennedale, Texas

Sorry I’ve been away from the blog so long.  I have experienced a myriad of computer-technology problems and now am working on different equipment.  I cannot understand why this posted image looks so grainy.  Granted I took the photo outdoors when evening was darkening, but I have done that before with no issues.

I just finished an image to advertise the 3rd annual Art in the Park at Kennedale, Texas.  The two day event will be March 31-April 1.

Thanks for reading.


First Day of a Three-Day Art Festival

April 8, 2011

Art in the Park, Kennedale, Texa

Today was the first of a 3-day art festival in Kennedale, Texas–Art in the Park.  The crowds picked up (as did the sales) after the evening cooled things down (hot-hot-HOT this afternoon during set-up!).  This is my first festival of 2011, and I’m fortunately off to a good start.  I believe the most satisfying part of the evening (even more than the sales) was that four of my high school students came to see me, and yes, I offered extra credit for anyone coming by and signing my guest book, but all of them without exception stayed around to chat for long stretches afterward.  That meant a great deal to me.  I’m also grateful for a loving wife who worked herself to the bone with the load-in and set-up involved–and developed a monster headache in the hot sun.  She did a superb job with the track lighting and interior decorating–she always does.

Off to bed now.  Tomorrow is a 12-hour festival stretch 10:00-10:00.  At least I can go to bed happy and fulfilled tonight.

Thanks for reading.