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My First Museum Show Opening

April 22, 2012

Tripp Addressing the Audience at the Arlington Museum of Art

It’s been another busy weekend.  Friday was my birthday, and how wonderful it was to open my first museum show that night.  The Arlington Museum of Art curated a 5-member show titled “5 x 5” and I was delighted to be a part of it.  What I didn’t know was that the artists would be called on to address the audience, discussing their art and entertaining questions.  I was glad to be at the end of the alphabet so I could have time to think of what to say when my number was called.

Following is the essence of the remarks I sought to convey that night:

My art business is a sole proprietorship that I call Recollections 54, my birth year (and today my birthday!).  What I attempt to do in watercolor is capture the remnants of a 1950’s America that is dying from our landscape as more and more architectural structures are marked for demolition to prepare for tomorrow’s progress.  Though these landmarks are fading from our landscape, they will not fade from our memories.  When we stand in the presence of these sere remains, we often are overwhelmed with a dual sense of loss and presence–loss because we note that the business or residence is no longer “alive”, presence because if we linger long enough, we feel the connection, the shock of recognition, realizing that it is our own past we connect to as we stand in the presence.  Marcel Proust reminds us that we feel warm primal memories with gratitude when sights like this stir up our childhood recollections.  My only hope is that viewers can feel some of what I feel when I see these sights and attempt to reproduce them in watercolor compositions.
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