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A Special Day

April 20, 2021
View from my Studio Eidolons

When the early morning light quietly

grows above the mountains . . . .

The world’s darkening never reaches

to the light of Being. . . .

To think is to confine yourself to a

single thought that one day stands

still like a star in the world’s sky.

Martin Heidegger, “The Thinker as Poet”

The pups woke me at 6:20, so the day seemed like most others at its beginning, except . . . Facebook greetings came pouring in. My Birthday. At age 67, I confess that for several years birthdays have tended to sneak up on me; I just don’t look forward to them as I did while younger. But I don’t mean to sound morose; my life in the past few years has been better than ever before, and I wish it could go on for another 67 years. But I have to say this: greetings from friends truly mean much more in these senior years than actual gift-wrapped presents received in earlier times.

After feeding pups and French-pressing my favorite New Mexico Pinon coffee, I found a nice comfy chair next to a window and opened my Heidegger volume to read what I was thinking as I waited for the coffee and looked out the kitchen window at the lovely light of this lovely day.

I am a sucker for antiquarian book stores. I found one in Palestine, a couple of blocks from our gallery. This morning I opened my recent purchase of a collection of Alexander Pope’s poems, the volume was published in 1876. I took a few moments to read the first page of his “Essay on Man.”

Let us (since life can little more supply

Than just to look about us, and to die)

Expatiate free o’er all this scene of man;

A mighty maze, but not without a plan.

The first two lines didn’t really “do it” for me, but Wow, the final pair! I feel that this sentiment will abide throughout this day. Birthdays probably make me more introspective and retrospective than other days (and that is saying plenty!). Though I have a huge stack of work in front of me, I believe I’ll find a way to think over this extensive gift of life and adventure that has been granted me.

This weekend I will be in Booth #71 at the Dallas Arboretum for Artscape 2021. I have a ton of new work I am packaging for display and sale. Below are a couple of the more than 100 new greeting cards I have created. They are 5 x 7″ and I sell them for $5 each or 5 for $20. My art is on the front, text on the back, and they are blank inside.

I hate to close this so quickly, but I am going to be extremely busy the next three days preparing for the weekend art festival. Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

Friday Morning Greetings from The Gallery at Redlands

April 16, 2021
A Quiet, Rainy Friday Morning in The Gallery at Redlands

I am going to astonish Paris with an apple.

Paul Cezanne

. . . through me Paris will live again, a little more, a little brigher.

Henry Miller

Through our efforts, may Palestine and East Texas find more enrichment in the arts.

The Twelve and the Dogwood Arts Council

Outside, Palestine is a cool 57 degrees, dark and trying to rain. Inside The Gallery at Redlands, all is quiet–a perfect morning for reading and painting. I’ll return to the watercolor soon. But for now, my head is buzzing from yesterday evening’s meeting in the gallery with the Dogwood Arts Council. The energy flowing through the council, along with stimulating ideas from local sculptor Dewane Hughes filled the gallery space with the light of enthusiasm and anticipation of better days ahead for visual artists and musicians.

About the time Sandi and I assumed the ownership of The Gallery at Redlands, I was re-reading New Art City and sopping up like a sponge the excitement of the New York City art groups that combined to put New York in the center of the global art market where it remains today. Gathering The Twelve (gallery artists) around me these days, and joining the circle of the Dogwood Arts Council, I feel an electricity generating, something in the air that could very well improve the art culture in this part of our world. Stay tuned for events forthcoming, now in the early planning stages.

Next weekend I will be in Booth #71 at the Dallas Aroboretum Artscape 2021. Because of the pandemic, I haven’t gathered with this group for two years, and we are more than ready to set up in the beautiful Pecan Grove of the Arboretum. Hours for the general public will be 9-5:00 Saturday and Sunday, April 24-25. Friday night, 6-8 is reserved for the VIPs who hold membership in the Arboretum. The festival will feature 85 juried artists.

The last Artscape — 2019
The Work Continues on the Ghost Signs from Hot Springs, Arkansas

It appears we could experience rain throughout this afternoon. In that case, I should be painting.

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.