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Digging Deeper into the Drybrush of the Vintage Flyrod

December 18, 2012
Study of Bamboo Flyrod and Pflueger Reel with Pepsi Crate

Study of Bamboo Flyrod and Pflueger Reel with Pepsi Crate

Spending the evening in the Man Cave, while listening to the  documentary of The Real World of Andrew Wyeth, I felt my interest in this subject intensify.  I really want to dig deeply into the details of this crate, flyrod and reel.  Too often when I introduce my watercolor composition with pale washes and a few specific details, I feel a premature satisfaction as the image develops before me.  I have to ask myself if I am ready to stop, to leave it as a quick sketch, or if I want to push further, deeper into the subject.  No such debate arose this time.  I really want to work this one as far as I can.  After weeks of poring over Andrew Wyeth drybrush images, I have this itch to explore still life objects up close and personal, to see if I can develop some techniques, to see if I can find a better way to present my subjects in this wonderful medium.

I chose to stop at this point, take the picture and post it.  As Hemingway pointed out, it is easier to resume work the next day if you stop while you’re still “hot”, if you cease at the height of your interest.  It’s good to know what is coming next.  I am ready to spool off some fly line and put one or two flies in the foreground, then work on the shadows around the base of this crate and reel.  I can see already what I want to do.  So I’ll put it to bed for the night and plan on returning to it after school tomorrow.

Time to pick up the Hemingway biography once again.  Thanks for reading.