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A Late Night in the Gallery

March 31, 2022
Scribbling Thoughts at the End of a Long Day

I believe there are millions who, when the story of their childhood and high school and college ends, sat in the empty theater of their mind, watching the credits roll, waiting for fate to tell them yet another story. But once we are on our own, our parents, our teachers, and our culture stop telling us what to do, and we have to dream something up for ourselves.

Donald Miller, Hero on a Mission

It’s been a long slog of a day. We journeyed two hours to our gallery, then worked the entire day and night, re-arranging the collection and visiting with a goodly number of patrons. It was a good day, but we’re feeling it now, and the next two days will be packed with activity as Palestine wraps up its three-weekend Dogwood Trails Celebration.

We invite any interested creative spirits to join us for our next Artist Cafe tomorrow night (Friday) at 9:00 in the Pint and Barrel Drafthouse, 302 E. Crawford St. at 9 pm after we close the gallery for the night. Cecilia Bramhall, one of our gallery artists, will join us for conversation about the creative challenges we face when trying to crank out new work. If you don’t know any of us by sight, look for the folks with open books on the table, because we’re always sharing what inspiration we’ve drawn lately from our own reading. Or you could call or text me at (817) 821-8702. We’ll be easy to find at Pint and Barrel on a Friday night.

Palestine’s monthly Art Walk will be Saturday 10-3:00. I always look forward to this event as businesses in downtown Palestine open their doors for artists to demonstrate, display and sell their work inside the venue. This time I will be watercoloring inside The Co-Ed Shop at 203 W. Main Street. Come check us out, and stop by the Gallery at Redlands at 400 N. Queen Street to say “Hello” to Sandi.

We’re also looking forward to the reception for a new exhibit next weekend and hope you’ll join us for that event. I am happy to have five watercolors hanging in this show, and Barons Creek is a lovely venue.

Thanks for reading.