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Composting Today

August 15, 2012

Savoy Hotel

I have decided to pause in the midst of this painting, because I am unsure of where to push it next. Yesterday was a good day, but the painting changed too fast, and I now have questions concerning how to finish out the composition.  I call this “composting” because I am letting the thing settle for awhile into my consciousness, as I keep it in front of me, and across the room on an easel.

My Studio

We received another good storm last night, a good soaking, the second one in three nights.  Today it is 75 degrees and overcast outside.  I have opened my studio windows, and have decided to settle into some quality reading.  As usual, I am working on too many books.  Lately I have found real treasure in Paul Tillich’s The Courage to Be and Cardinal Newman’s The Idea of a University.  I also have begun Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd.  Until I get my second wind on the painting, I’ll choose to read, reflect and write things in my journal.  It’s a good day for that.

Thanks for reading.