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1949 Plymouth, Waxahachie Plein Air, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010

1949 Plymouth, Waxahachie, Texas

Another extremely hot and humid day in Waxhachie.  I started this one in the shade, and 2 hours, 45 minutes later, the shade was leaving me.  I never did feel cool air from 9:00-11:45 this morning.  Bummer.  This one was extremely experimental for me.  I painted this car before in my studio (with air conditioning).  It is titled “Waxahachie Blue” and appears on my website  It sold immediately, and I have done reasonably well selling limited edition giclees and greeting cards of the image.

Today however, I decided I wanted to try and capture the car at this three-quarter angle, and I wanted to darken the art gallery behind it.  I spent about 25 minutes drawing just the car (I don’t draw automobiles very well, especially in three-quarter).  Then I had to plumb in the architecture behind it.  So finally, when I began to paint, I was already intolerably hot, and the wet-on-wet I worked into the background got completely out of hand in a hurry.  I went ahead and threw plenty of salt at it to see how the pigments would break up.  I also dropped water on the dry work to see how the backwash would work.  After I finished my second hour on the work, the car had all but disappeared into the building.  So, I sat it aside in the direct sunlight, waiting for it to dry out completely, then I worked very carefully and controllingly, trying to re-separate the car from the dark gallery behind it.  Once I got that done, I decided to sign off and go look for lunch.

The best thing that came of this frustrating experiment was the pleasure of meeting with Gaylord O’Con of the Southwestern Watercolor Society (I met him in McKinney at a paint-out several weeks ago) and learning of Quiller Watercolor pigments.  I’m really intrigued by what he told me and can’t wait to check these out.  Hopefully I’ll have opportunity to paint with Gaylord soon.  His work this week at the Paint Historic Waxahachie event has been extraordinary.

Sublime Sunset, Jazz on the Radio, and a Painting in the Box, April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010

Abandoned Ford in Hillsboro, Texas

Here is the beginning of another plein air study I’ve been pursuing north of Hillsboro, Texas, along Highway 77.  The owner of the farm has a field full of abandoned cars and trucks from the 1950’s.  With my company called Recollections 54, I find this site to be a real gift for my watercolor compositions.

The evening was perfect for watercoloring outdoors.  Temperatures at 6:00 were a little below 80 degrees, with a wonderful breeze stirring.  I got lost in wonder as I sat in the shade of my Jeep and worked on this composition, listening to a car drive by every 5-10 minutes on the nearby highway.  I was sorry that I couldn’t finish it as I lost the light less than two hours later.  The time passed like it was 5 minutes, and I was really sorry I had to stop.

Of course, tomorrow brings another school day.  Perhaps I’ll get to return to this after school.  It’s been getting harder to find time to paint as the school year draws to a close, and of course, the dreaded TAKS test is chewing up all our quality time this week.

Later.  Thanks for reading . . .