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Returning to Work on a Lucky Strike Watercolor

November 24, 2012

Lucky Strike Cigarette Tin

Last summer, I took a detour from my usual watercolor subjects and painted still lifes of my antique Lucky Strike cigarette tin and my Maxwell House coffee tin.  I rendered the subjects in the best detail of which I was capable, but left the backgrounds white, undecided as to what direction to take with them.  Last week, I began arranging the cigarette tin on various table surfaces and in front of different antique doors.  I also experimented with lighting effects.  Finally I decided on this antique table surface and an extremely dark background.  I’m finding the surface textures of the table top to be quite a challenge, especially the damage and scratches which I have not yet even attempted.  I do enjoy solving problems and taking watercolor in new directions.  This one is turning out to be quite enjoyable.

Thanks for reading.