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Gallery at Redlands Featured in Local Magazine

May 1, 2021

Enter The Twelve

We are The Twelve.

Ruminating, fashioning, presenting,

Offering creations, gifts to our brothers and sisters,

Pondering our world, we re-shape, we re-cut, we re-color, we re-invent,

Inviting prismatic light to reach diverse eyes.

We are The Twelve.

In quiet studios we dream, we feel, we cry.

We say Yes! to the impulse to create.

Our creator fashioned us in His image,

The Imago Dei, the faculty to create.

We are The Twelve.

Our paintings, pottery, photographs and sculpture weave a tapestry

Of collective lives, tightly woven fellowship of belief.

We are The Twelve.

Converging on The Gallery at Redlands, we join in chorus

To celebrate lives immersed in the arts,

Adhering to words of our patron Saint Matthew:

Art still has truth.

Take refuge there.

We are The Twelve.

David Tripp

Something is in the air. The Gallery at Redlands looks different, feels different this weekend. Three days ago, published the long-anticipated article on our gallery. The arrival of the text and pictures flooded my heart with joy. I just knew things would be different now. Sure enough, when Sandi and I arrived on Thursday to re-build and re-arrange our space, people continued to drop by the gallery to look at the artistic creations of The Twelve, even though they had to pick their way around crates and portfolios of new work strewn about the room. Friday was no different (except visitors no longer needed to avoid debris all over the floor).

County Line Magazine is an online publication from East Texas, and our article now appears in the May-June issue:

The Twelve wishes to extend our heart-felt thanks to author Lisa Tang for her dilligent work in interviewing a number of our artists as well as researching their websites and composing the article. Dozens of patrons the past two days have pored over the pages of the article that I printed and inserted into our gallery notebook along with all our artist bios. Lisa’s work stimulated conversation throughout the day, and a number of the gallery’s pieces found new homes!

Our hours at the gallery continue to expand. Now Cecilia Bramhall has the space open 11-2:00 on Tuesdays while Queen Street Grille across the lobby is serving lunch. Thursday I open the gallery at noon and remain there till the restaurant closes at 9 (but frequently keep it open if patrons are continuing to come in and browse). Same thing on Saturdays. Please stop by and visit us when you have the time.

Thanks for reading.

Honored by County Line Magazine

February 3, 2018

county line

I’ve been honored by an East Texas publication that I have known and followed for nearly ten years now.¬† The January/February issue of County Line Magazine¬†published the following:

In its 14th year now, County Line Magazine’s annual survey keeps uncovering more and more local gems in the Upper East Side of Texas. Nominations more than doubled this year showing that our region continues to grow as a Texas treasure with delicious food, wonderful attractions and beautiful backdrops, one-of-a-kind shops, exciting entertainment, and many talented individuals.

This year’s winners represent a great selection of the Best in the Upper East Side of Texas.

. . .

Best Artist

David Tripp. Former Arlington ISD teacher David Tripp now enjoys spending time painting nostalgic watercolor scenes from small Texas towns and countryside. His latest endeavor had him spending most weekends working at The Gallery at Redlands in Palestine on “The American Railroad Odyssey” train exhibit during the holidays. See some of his amazing work on his website