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We Have Everything You Need at the General Store

October 24, 2011

Crockett General Store

Henry David Thoreau withdrew to Walden Pond.  David Hume convalesced at a cottage near La Fleche College.  This past weekend, I had the exquisite privilege of retreating to rural Crockett, Texas.  Two lovely new friends granted me access to this remote, remade “country store.”  The signs are real–no replicas will be found inside or outside this rustic structure.  Stepping inside will take you back to the 1950’s rural general store.  Even the front screen door slaps shut with a sharp sound if you release it.  Inside I gazed forever at all the products lining the shelves that I recalled from childhood.  The only element missing was a cluster of farmers sitting on rockers, whittling long sticks with their pocket knives and swapping stories and local news items.

I set up an easel outside on my second day in the country, right after a sweet, cleansing rain.  I enjoyed the cool moist winds and the smells of the neighboring pastureland, and listened to conversations emanating from within the store while I worked at this plein air watercolor.

Today I’m back at school.  Progress grades are due online by midnight tonight.  The class schedule was that dreaded four-class day in four different classrooms on two floors.  Already I’m tired, despite a restful weekend.  But the day’s drudgery has not been able to push out of my memory the sound of that screen door slapping shut on the front of this rustic store.  Memories like this past weekend help me cope with the kind of days faced this year with this dreadful school schedule.  It is most enriching to pause, close one’s eyes, and remember warm scenes from the past that are worth “calling up.”  William Wordsworth has enriched us with his “Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey.”  I often wish (hope) I could do the same visually for anyone who wishes to remember the “country store” from yesterday.

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Relaxing and Watercoloring in Rural Crockett, Texas

October 24, 2011

Rural Crockett Rest Area

This weekend was filled with relaxation and plein air watercolor sketching in Crockett, Texas.  I met two new dear friends who invited me to their property over the weekend to scout and sketch subjects that they knew I enjoyed watercoloring.  This is the first of two that I worked on while there (aside from taking dozens and dozens of digital photographs and enjoying engaging conversation).

The sun was setting, cows were calling out for dinner, and deer were emerging from the nearby wooded area to forage in the cow pasture for food.  I couldn’t think of a lovelier setting, and I thought the sight of this restful bench was just the right subject to put into the heart of the composition.

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