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An Andrew Wyeth Meditative Moment–1903 cabin in Arkansas

May 22, 2011

1903 Arkansas Cabin

Good afternoon!  After a long weary drive, Sandi and I are relaxing at a Mount Vernon, Texas Rest Area along Interstate 30.  We still have a couple of hours’ driving time before we get home.  However, I found that there was wireless Internet service here, so I thought “Why Not?”

On the final morning of the Plein Air on the White River event (Saturday), Bill Barksdale drove me to this site to see (I believe) the third home built for the railroad boom town of Cotter, Arkansas.  The date (I believe) is 1903.  When we pulled up to this cabin around 6:30 a.m., I could not believe my eyes.  The longer I gazed at this structure, the more “Andrew Wyeth drybrush” details I saw all over it.  I wanted to spend the entire day just rendering it in pencil.  But, plein air you know!  So I sketched it as quickly as possible, got out the water and brushes, and went to work on it.  We only had about 90 minutes to work, so I did what I could.  Hopefully I’ll post the watercolor sketch after I get home tonight.  But for now, this is my easel, and in front of it you can see the fabulous setting that I had exclusive access to during that delicious early Saturday morning.

Ready to head the rest of the way home.  Thanks for reading.  Today and tomorrow I will try to post to the blog all the rest of the final details of this fabulous event (including my surrealist Emergency Room visit).