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Meet Tommy Thompson, One of The Twelve

February 22, 2021
San & Friends, 22 x 28″ print on canvas framed. 1/500 $300

Statement from Tommy G. Thompson, Artist

July of 2021 will mark fifty wonderful years of my pursuing the creative life as a full time professional artist.  I was born in mid 20th-century Texas. Passion for the arts has been a part of my life from my earliest memories. Formal studies reached into college, followed by work as a graphic artist. At age twenty-two I joined the French Quarter art colony in New Orleans. Very soon I was discovered by Ron Zappe, of Zapp’s Potato Chips, which led me to a successful affiliation with Liberty Gallery on Royal Street for over thirty years. Since then I have enjoyed freelance adventures from my Texas studio.

Over those years my subjects have been ones which excite my imagination with beauty and stories that provide the natural vitality and motivation to explore and grow with ever more evocative paintings and drawings. In youth, museum masterworks opened my eyes to a deeper consciousness that art, in its many forms, can encourage awareness between mind, spirit and my world. This portal of creative vision has been a guiding spirit during my life and continues to bring joy to my work. May viewers find a bit of that magic and celebration of life through these creations.

I have used various mediums including oil paint, acrylics on canvas, board and watercolor paper, and pen & ink. My signature medium has been a hybrid watercolor using fine detailed ink-line with acrylic color wash. This allows a high development of detail and rich color pallet.

The prime purpose in my art is to seek and share the joy and beauty in this life. You may find it in the varied images of New Orleans or the Southwest. Colorful characters and vintage buildings, steamboats, pirates and saloon rogues. Spring time even inspired some fine wildflower studies.


The Gallery at Redlands will begin introducing you to the new artists to be featured March 20 when we have our grand re-opening. We know you are going to enjoy viewing Tommy’s collection. Stay tuned for more . . .