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Plein Air Saturday in Waxahachie

May 13, 2012

Ellis County Courthouse, Waxahachie, Texas

I had the privilege of being offered a ride to Waxahachie Saturday morning.  I chose to be dropped off on the town square to pass away a few hours and take a plein air stab at this magnificent Ellis County Courthouse.  I have painted it at least half a dozen times, all of the attempts unsatisfactory.  This one is a little better, but not much!  I still haven’t solved this structure, but I remain interested.

I’m sorry to report that I felt fatigue instantly today, and never really got into the mood to pursue this one.  That is so unlike me–even when I start out sluggish, I find another gear and get caught up in the painting enterprise.  Not today.  It could be due to my working on my garage studio/man cave for extended hours recently.  I was given an antique drafting table by some lovely friends last week.  It measures 4 x 7 feet and is a spectacular piece of furniture.  I worked in the garage until 1:00 Saturday morning, rearranging things to make room for the new piece of furniture.  Then after returning from Waxahachie, I continued working in the garage, and now at 1:10 Sunday morning, I have most of my furniture and supplies in place.  With a decent night’s sleep, I could perhaps paint in the studio later today.

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90 Minute “Quick Draw” en Plein Air, Waxahachie, Texas

May 28, 2011

90-Minute Watercolor Sketch of the Ellis County Courthouse

The winds were fierce this morning, but the Quick Draw was fun.  The event lasted 90 minutes (8:30-10:00) and I was pleased that this painting brought a fair price at auction.  The winds and the 100-degree heat got to me after lunch, so I chose to make the 40-minute drive back home, and return in the late afternoon to attempt a second painting.  I’ll post that one next.

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