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Jennifer in the Hunt, January 24, 2010

January 24, 2010

Jennifer in the Hunt

What a spectacular day to be outside for painting.  Lynda Lewis makes me feel welcome painting under the trees at Lyndon Acres in Burleson while my wife rides.  This painting I started before Christmas, but then got cold feet and let it lay dormant a few weeks (however, it continued to compost in my mind).  I’m completely out of my comfort zone here.  I’m pouring watercolors for the first time in my life, and painting with a limited palette of pure pigments instead of earth tones.  I have very limited experience in painting horses (about 4-5 watercolor sketches in my entire life) and have never painted hounds (which will eventually materialize in the foreground).  The colors are brighter than I am used to, but I’m enjoying the blaze before my eyes.  I’m spending much more time studying the photographs given to me by Jennifer Stewart (who created and maintains my website), beautiful photos taken by her husband.  I appreciate so much her contribution to this new adventure, and am looking forward to seeing where it will take me.  I still have a long way to go before I can get closure on this one, but at least I’m having fun.

My Studio under the Trees, January 18, 2010

January 18, 2010

Fox Hunt

I’m hesitant to post a work-in-progress, especially if the content is unrecognizable.  Nevertheless, I wish to keep the blog active by posting at least once a day.  And this present work finds me in unfamiliar waters.  It is a poured watercolor, the first one I have ever tried.  Almost no brushwork is present, as instead I have spritzed the paper with a spray water bottle after masking certain areas, and then have poured watercolors straight out of a bowl, then working with tissue paper, additional spritzes, and tilting the page around to move the pigments all over the page.

The subject is a fox hunt, though the viewer probably cannot make out the ghostly traces of several equestrians following a pack of hounds.  I think this work shows potential.

It was a beautiful day in Texas, with temperatures in the high 60’s and the sun bright all day.  I spent the afternoon at Lyndon Acres in Burleson, where my wife stables her horse and spent some quality time today riding.  I set up my
“studio under the trees” and had a fabulous time experimenting with this new technique (new for me, anyway).