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Symphonious Stirrings

January 18, 2015

Ah, when the friendly lamp is glowing

Again within our narrow cell,

Through heart and bosom light comes flowing

If but the heart knows itself well.

Then Reason once again discourses

And Hope begins to bloom again;

Man yearns to reach life’s flowing sources,

Ah! to the Fount of Life attain.

Goethe, Faust

Too often I overlook the Gift of a good night’s rest.  Waking shortly before 9:00 this morning, with the sun sweeping all over my room, it felt nice to remain under the warm quilts and let the thoughts sift slowly through my awakening consciousness. I let that happen for about thirty minutes before rising to put on coffee, shower quickly, and take a comfortable seat in my study, re-open some volumes that have absorbed my attention this weekend, pick up the pencil, and begin scribbling beginnings of thoughts, ends of thoughts, summations of thoughts, just scribbling and enjoying the sounds of classical music drifting through the silent corridors of my house.

After writing the above, I packed my watercolor supplies and headed to north Arlington to lead a group lesson at a birthday party.  Some laughingly said we would be doing Painting with a Twist, but it actually turned out to be a very satisfying watercolor session.  I wish I had taken more photos in retrospect, but below are a few examples of what they did this afternoon: