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First Day of a Three-Day Art Festival

April 8, 2011

Art in the Park, Kennedale, Texa

Today was the first of a 3-day art festival in Kennedale, Texas–Art in the Park.  The crowds picked up (as did the sales) after the evening cooled things down (hot-hot-HOT this afternoon during set-up!).  This is my first festival of 2011, and I’m fortunately off to a good start.  I believe the most satisfying part of the evening (even more than the sales) was that four of my high school students came to see me, and yes, I offered extra credit for anyone coming by and signing my guest book, but all of them without exception stayed around to chat for long stretches afterward.  That meant a great deal to me.  I’m also grateful for a loving wife who worked herself to the bone with the load-in and set-up involved–and developed a monster headache in the hot sun.  She did a superb job with the track lighting and interior decorating–she always does.

Off to bed now.  Tomorrow is a 12-hour festival stretch 10:00-10:00.  At least I can go to bed happy and fulfilled tonight.

Thanks for reading.