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Out of the Corner of the Eye

December 21, 2014

When a tempera is finished, he hangs it in his house to see it in all moods, all lights, accidentally out of the corner of his eye.

Richard Meryman, Andrew Wyeth: A Secret Life

I think the fatigue factor has finally kicked in.  I speak not only of having a good night’s sleep interrupted, but also of the reality that I am getting tired of looking at this watercolor (and am surprised that some of my readers actually say they like seeing this, over and over, on this blog).  Over the past several days, I have added small, tweaking details to this painting, and I have screwed up many a painting doing exactly this–just not letting it go.  So . . . I’ve decided to give it the Andrew Wyeth test, and will let the painting sit in my home where I can go in and out of the room, glancing at it occasionally, sitting and studying it from time to time, perhaps making some notes, and knowing that maybe nothing else needs to be added except my signature.  To say that I have enjoyed working on this from conception to finish is a gross understatement.  The deepest satisfaction has been spent in company with this watercolor coming to term.  And I’m grateful for every positive comment I’ve received from viewers over the past several weeks as it has grown.

Thanks always for reading.

I paint in order to remember.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself that I am not really alone.