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Silly Halloween Moments Yield to Festival Preparations

November 3, 2016


Yes, I am that one sitting at my teacher’s desk pretending to ignore the giggles of my students entering the classroom on Halloween morning.  It was a fun day, and once it was complete I returned to the task of gathering my inventory for the Genny Wood Fine Art Show & Sale in Bullard, Texas this Saturday from 9-4:30.  The indoor show will be held at the Family Life Center of the First Methodist Church.

I have been privileged to be invited to this show for a number of years now, and always look forward to renewing the friendships I’ve developed in the Tyler, Texas region.  It has taken several days to gather all my art, as I have inventoried 107 separate pieces, not including several hundred greeting cards and over a hundred 8 x 10″ prints.

This is my last scheduled festval for this calendar year, and like the farmer who turns his attention to repairs and general maintenance during the winter months, so I too will be shifting my focus to updating my depleted inventory, creating new paintings, and making plans for the coming year.  2016 has been very generous to me, and I’m grateful for that.

I appreciate so much the kind comments posted about the proposed watercolor workshop we have scheduled for the island on the Texas Laguna Madre November 20-22 (on my previous blog post). I’m getting excited as that date draws nearer.  I have also updated my website ( for any of you who wish to take a look at it.  The cover features one of my later Laguna Madre watercolors.

It’s well past time to hit the sack as tomorrow will be busy with a full day of school classes followed by a two-hour drive and set up for the Saturday show.  I’m really looking forward to this one.

Thanks for reading.

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