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Plein Air Painting at the Art Festival

April 9, 2011

Granbury, Texas Victorian Home

Day Two of the Kennedale, Texas Art in the Park is in the books.  The day was successful on every level.  I completed two watercolor sketches of Victorian homes, using early plein air studies I had made.  The other painting I forgot to take out of my portfolio (it’s tucked inside my booth overnight).  The wind gusts exceeded 40 mph, making my booth act like a kite.  Fortunately everything is nailed, stapled, tied, wired or taped in place.  Nothing went anywhere.  Nothing flew.  Nothing broke.  Still the winds were a nuisance.  The conversations throughout the day were priceless.  Never before have I had so many friends, associates and patrons from former festivals come through my booth today.  Indeed, the chats made the twelve-hour day pass quite quickly.  Sales were excellent too (sold three original watercolors, in addition the reproductions, greeting cards, etc.)  And hopefully I’ve formed many new friendships.  Most of these people I would love to see again, and hope that that indeed will happen.

Oh yeah, the painting!  I did this one exclusively from a palm-sized Winsor & Newton watercolor field box.  I have grow to love this little piece of equipment, and keep re-ordering the cakes that get used up.  My palette thereby is extremely restricted, but I love the color schemes that come out of that restriction.  With all the interruptions that occurred throughout the day, I think it’s fair to say that I have about 45 minutes worth of painting put into this one, and I’m nearly ready to sign off on it.  I like the freshness of these quick sketches, and certainly like leaving some of the subject blank.

Another late night.  Another day of the show tomorrow.  To bed.

Thanks for reading.

2nd plein air attempt in Granbury, Texas, May 15, 2010

May 16, 2010

2nd Victorian house painting from Granbury, Texas (Pearl Street)

My second attempt at this Victorian house on Pearl Street in Granbury, Texas met with better success.  The sun had finally broken free of the clouds, and I was feeling much more relaxed and content.  The cupola was incredibly bright with the sun reflecting off it, and I was trying to capture that sparkle as best I could.  I’m thinking seriously of finishing this one.  I took several digital images of it while I worked.