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Railroad Freight Cars in the Morning Autumn Light

February 11, 2012

Railroad Freight Cars in the Autumn Light

This weekend I will be getting out the guitar again and making music with several bands.  Aside from that, I will be buried in business paper work.  I am behind, as usual.  Therefore, I see no watercolor activity on the 48-hour horizon.

I am re-posting this small watercolor I put together last fall during a festival in Mineola, Texas.  I had taken the sketch to Austin for a weekend of watercolor demonstrations, and left it behind in the Prismacolor booth, where I had done some work.  Thankfully, a representative from Prismacolor mailed it back to me recently, along with other pieces I had left behind.  It is good to look at it once again, and think about some new railroad compositions.

This setting is in Grand Saline, Texas, near an abandoned cotton gin.  I had traveled out there two summers ago to paint the gin and railroad siding.  But last fall, while en route to an art festival in Mineola, I was spellbound at the sight of these brightly-colored rail cars parked in the morning sun, surrounded by fall foliage. I got out and took a number of photos, and later made a decision on this particular angle.

I have so many paintings in my head, that I have trouble prioritizing where to go next.  As stated before, I have a strong inclination to work on a large composition of the Ridglea Theater, but I also have been contemplating a large railroad composition.  I just haven’t yet settled on the particular scene I wish to depict.  Unfortunately, these paintings will have to wait a few days, while I sort out other business details.

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Locomotives in Fall Colors, Grand Saline, Texas

November 7, 2011

Grand Saline UP and GATX in Fall Colors

One day after the Mineola Holiday Bazaar, I find myself decompressing (still pretty exhausted from the return trip and unloading all my freight late last night) and trying to finish this watercolor sketch I began yesterday afternoon.  The fall foliage back-dropping the bright road colors of this pair of diesels I found very striking on an early autumn morning last weekend.  I’m glad the fall finally has arrived (although a dreary one, color-wise–I made up some of the colors in this composition, recalling the vistas I enjoyed last year).  I hope to get in plenty of plein air activity this year.

Railroads have held my attention since childhood.  The bright color schemes fascinated me as a small boy.  They still do, of course, but I also find myself musing over where these huge diesels pull their freight daily, weekly, annually.  I always wondered about what the railroad crew got to see as they road the rails across this country.  I know there has to be the issue of boredom and bone-weary stretches of miles over time, but still, I would love to see American from the perspective of the rails.  And so, every time I’m driving in my Jeep and I look up to see a sight like this, I am filled with wonder and wanderlust.

In a few days, I’ll leave for Galveston, Texas for a four-day conference.  I’m not sure if I’ll have time or space to create art over that time span, but I’ll soon find out.  Meanwhile, I’ll try to push out another watercolor sketch or two in the next couple of days before I leave for that trip.  Incidentally, this watercolor sketch measures 12 x 16″, was done on a watercolor block (D’Arches 140-lb. cold press), using Winsor and Newton watercolors and Prismacolor watercolor pencils.  I’m enjoying this blend of materials for creating quick sketches.

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