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Idyllic Pastures, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010

Yesterday I posted my newest watercolor in progress “Jennifer in the Hunt.”  Since today I had Jury Duty, I only have had time to render one more horse in that painting.   I didn’t see that as sufficient work to re-post the picture.  I’ll wait for more progress before I present that one again.  So . . . here is one of my earliest attempts to watercolor-sketch a horse.  I wish to develop skill in rendering horses—such beautiful creatures.  My wife rides, so I am around horses much more lately, but have trouble fighting back the insecurities.  After all, this is Texas—and any tree shaken will dislodge a dozen excellent equine artists.  However, I’m going to enter that zone and do what I can.  I titled this one “Idyllic Pastures” because the sun was getting low, and I was fascinated with the play of light off the beautiful coats of the grazing horses.  Not feeling competent with the watercolor, I put plenty of drawing into this one, with graphite and water-soluble graphite, as well as watercolor pencils.  A few touches of Winsor & Newton watercolor pigments were applied as well.  I was happy with the overall result, and did a few more.  I’ll post those at a later date (maybe as soon as tomorrow if I don’t make more progress on “Jennifer in the Hunt”).