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Luckenbach, Texas. Haven for Harleys

October 18, 2011

Harley Davidson at Luckenbach, Texas

Feeling an uplift from the quick Harley sketch I posted yesterday, I decided to try another.  I began this one yesterday afternoon, and nearly have it wrapped up this evening.  The setting is Luckenbach, one of my favorite places visited in Texas.  The Harley I actually photographed one summer afternoon in Leadville, Colorado.  I frequently patch together subjects from several locations in my watercolor compositions.

With the fall weather settling in, I find myself envying all Harley riders with the time (and the bikes) for road trips.  This is certainly the perfect time of year in Texas.  If I cannot do the biker road trip, then perhaps I can enjoy it vicariously by painting the images of such.  I’m already contemplating a fourth Harley sketch.  This is my third in less than a week.

Thanks for reading.


Harley Davidson Loaded for a Road Trip

October 17, 2011

Harley Davidson Loaded for a Road Trip

The Edom Festival of the Arts proved a rewarding escape from the city over the weekend.  On the first day, I did a plein air watercolor sketch of a large tree towering behind my booth.  On the second day, I began work on this Harley I photographed last summer while on historic Route 66.  I loved the large pack of gear attached to the rear, and knew I would get around to sketching it in watercolor.  I keep trying to finish it, but alas, details keep popping up that I have  overlooked (license plates, sidewalk behind, shadows beneath the wheels, and no doubt I’ll find some other unfinished areas).  But I decided to photograph it anyway and send it out on the blog.  I had no Internet access over the weekend.  Edom is quite remote in east Texas.  So I apologize that the blog has languished a few days.  I’m back now, and will try to breathe some life back into it.

Selling art at the Edom Festival proved a rewarding experience.  Much more, though, I was enriched by meeting many new patrons, as well as renewing acquaintances with those who remembered me from last year’s festival.  I also met some genuine new friends in the artist’s community, and met several former colleagues whom I had not seen in over a decade.  What a reunion!  Some of these wonderful people have opened new vistas for me, by inviting me to paint from their properties in east Texas.  I have already been introduced to a plethora of landscapes and rustic architecture–subjects that touch me at my core.

Being away from the job for a few days also provided quality space to think, to ponder.  I have plenty going on in my life right now, and thankfully the next festival does not occur for two weeks (Bob Phillips Texas Country Reporter, on the Waxahachie town square).  I am pondering an invitation to participate in a festival in Mineola in November, and am intrigued at an invitation to explore areas in Crockett, Texas next weekend.  I’m glad the temperatures are finally cooling.  I woke up to two consecutive mornings in the low fifties during the festival, and our forecast calls for falling temperatures tonight.  That’s one of the reasons I’m in the garage tonight with the door open.  I love watercoloring, wrapped in a quiet suburban night, and like it even better when it is not hot and muggy.

Thanks for reading.  More tomorrow, I promise.

Completed the Harley Watercolor

October 12, 2011

Time for a Cold One

On a scalding hot day in the Texas hill country, I paused to photograph this pair of road-weary bikers stopping for a refresher.  The motorcycle odyssey has always resonated deeply with me, though I have never owned a Harley.  I recorded this slice of American life in watercolor, attempting to enjoy their moment vicariously.

I’m glad I finished up the painting in just two days, thanks for quality time in the man cave.  I have it matted in a standard 11 x 14″ mat.  Just in time for the Edom Festival of the Arts.  Tonight, I plan to print a sizable quantity of 5 x 7″ greeting cards of it, with the above text on the back.

Thanks for reading.  It’s been another good day to create.

Watercoloring Harleys from the Man Cave

October 11, 2011

Harleys in Blanco, Texas

I believe this is the first time I pushed a watercolor so far on the first day.  I didn’t really get after the work until after school today, but found myself chipping away at it all afternoon and into the evening.  I believe I’ll have it finished tomorrow.  It’s not like I have other things to worry about–administering a PSAT test, teaching four classes, and giving a private lesson after school, and then getting my gear ready for an art festival for which I’ll leave in 48 hours.  Oh well, I guess there is no rest for the weary.  But honestly, I enjoyed working on this piece, actually playing with this piece.  I don’t know where all the time went.

The Man Cave was a great environ this afternoon and evening.  I enjoyed Neil Young Unplugged on an old VHS I purchased years ago.  Then I listened to Prince’s Purple Rain twice.   So, the music was great company.

Time to climb into bed and face that monster tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

Ready to Watercolor Harleys Again

October 10, 2011

Harley Chicks

Besides getting ready for my return to school, I spent most of this day printing 5 x 7″ greeting cards of my watercolors for this weekend’s festival.  When looking at some of my Harley paintings from the past (including this one pictured), I decided to make another run at a Harley watercolor.  I have no originals left, and the time is past due for me to get some fresh Harley paintings out to these fall festivals.

I titled this one Harley Chicks because of my amusement at Luckenbach, Texas to see chickens hanging out with the parked Harleys.  Someone later told me it was because they picked bugs out of the tire treads.  I never noticed that.  I just took plenty of photos of them just standing around the bikes.

I have this notion of someday painting a red Harley with white chickens surrounding it, so I can spoof the William Carlos Williams poem:

So much depends

upon a red wheelbarrow

glazed with rain water

beside the white chickens.

That is not what I’ve started today, however.  I have a photo I took a couple of summers ago of some overweight bikers getting on their Harleys in front of a candy store.  I’ve decided to give that one a shot.  Too bad I don’t have enough accomplished to post that picture tonight.  I really hope to, tomorrow night.

Thanks for reading.

Busy, busy day–January 14, 2010

January 14, 2010


Incredibly busy day–first round of Final Exams at the high school.  Almost forgot to blog.  But I hope to keep the daily streak alive.  This watercolor was done from a photograph I took one summer in Luckenbach Texas.  I was amused that chickens ran loose all over the small settlement, and had a tendency to “hang out” around the parked Harleys.  So I created a whimsical watercolor of the subject and titled it “Harley Chicks” (visible on my website  I followed it up later with this one.  I had photographed a portly man about to climb off his parked machine, and thought I would add this large pig to the composition and give it an appropriate title.  Sometimes I create work tongue-in-cheek.  Although tongue-in-cheek for me usually doesn’t translate to successful business–both original watercolors remain unsold.  Oh well.