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Finishing watercolors while at the festival, April 17, 2010

April 17, 2010

Hillsboro Katy Railroad Depot

Today was a rain-soaked Saturday at the Art in the Park in Kennedale, Texas.  I spent the entire day inside my booth, avoiding the wet, and finishing up watercolors in progress.  This is the M-K-T railroad depot in Hillsboro, Texas (I think it is being used for the Chamber of Commerce now).  I began it 30 minutes before the sun set, and was fascinated with the glowing yellows and warm greens in that waning light.

Last Day of the Festival, March 14, 2010

March 15, 2010

M-K-T restored depot at Hillsboro, Texas

The 4-day festival was fabulous.  Sold plenty of work and made plenty of new work–5 paintings, in fact.  The 10:00-6:00 hours daily provided plenty of time in the booth to do watercolor sketches.  I sketched this Katy Depot in Hillsboro last week as the sun was sinking.  I wasn’t too fond of the sketch.  This is my second attempt, using the digital photo I took while painting it the first time.  It’s a little better, I think.  I’m still fumbling with the textures of the tree bark, and looking to connect the leaves to the actual tree.  Also need to finish the main door, and render the wooden siding of the sunlit side of the depot.  I’ll soon post the other works I finished at the show.  It’s great to be painting again.

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Quick sketch of the M-K-T depot in Hillsboro, March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010

M-K-T railroad depot restored in Hillsboro, Texas

Another one of those cussedly jammed-up days.  I began with 3 different classes in 3 different classrooms at my high school in Arlington.  Then off to college in Fort Worth to give a Logic exam.  Then back to Arlington in time to attend an Open House.  Blah!  In between all those appointments I matted watercolors and processed watercolor greeting cards for this upcoming festival (I leave in less than 48 hours).  And I did a little tweaking on a plein air watercolor I began last time I was in Hillsboro to pick up my art work from Burson Gallery.  This is a restored M-K-T (Katy) railroad depot on the west side of the town square in Hillsboro, Texas.  I spotted it as I was helping a couple of friends haul a sofa into a storage facility nearby.  The fading sunlight of the late afternoon on the corner of the depot caught my attention, and I had to sketch it quickly.  The initial sketch didn’t turn out too well.  But a few days later, I fiddled with it in the studio and now it’s starting to look a little better.  I’m afraid I’ve done about all I can do with this one, but plan to start another composition of the depot as soon as I can find some time (today certainly wasn’t one of those days).  Now it’s nearing 11:00, and 5:00 is going to come way too quickly for me, I’m afraid.

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