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Winter Dawn from the “Best Part” of the World

December 6, 2013
The Neighborhood from my Front Door

Winter Pre-Dawn from my Front Door

My neighbor says that his hill-farm is poor stuff and “only fit to hold the world together.”

Henry David Thoreau, Journal, February 13, 1841.

Last night, at 7:26, my school district canceled today’s classes due to inclement weather.  I wanted to celebrate, but was already beaten down by the week.  So, I retired to bed around 9:00, and awoke this morning at 5:24 without an alarm.  It didn’t take long to shower, dress, prepare a breakfast of eggs sunny-side up, bacon, orange juice and coffee, tidy up the kitchen, and sit down to the Journals of Thoreau.  When I read the above passage from his 1841 entry, I said “Wait a minute!”  I knew I had read that somewhere in Emerson (and I’ve always enjoyed the synergy between those two kindred spirits).  It took a little while, but I found this from Emerson’s “Experience,” published in 1844 in his Essays: Second Series–

Every ship is a romantic object, except that we sail in.  Embark, and the romance quits our vessel and hangs on every other sail in the horizon.  Our life looks trivial, and we shun to record it.  Men seem to have learned of the horizon the art of perpetual retreating and reference.  “Yonder uplands are rich pasturage, and my neighbor has fetile meadow, but my field,” says the querulous farmer, “only holds the world together.”

I laugh at the truth ringing forth from that text.  That tends to be our life experience.  But let me say without reservation that I am delighted this morning to envy no one else.  I love the corner of the world in which I was blessed to awaken this morning.  The sleep was refreshing.  The landscape outside my studio window fills me with rapture.  Time spent in quiet over the texts of Thoreau and Emerson have fed my imagination, fueled my fires, and now I am ready to resume my painting, so grateful for this surprise three-day weekend. What a gift!

Dawn Outside my Studio Window

Dawn Outside my Studio Window

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I paint in order to remember.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself that I am not alone.