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New Mexico Memories, painted during an Art Festival

November 5, 2011

New Mexico Wanderings

It has been a pretty good day for art sales at this Mineola Texas Holiday Bazaar.  We’re in the Civic Center all day Saturday and Sunday.  The crowds are rather sparse, but nevertheless, art is being sold, and I always delight in that.

I began this composition this morning, using a digital reference photo I took while traveling New Mexico about three summers back.  It looks like I just may finish it before we close at 5:00.  I took the photo when a storm was brewing, and loved the darkening sky and the cedars turning nearly black in the diminished light.  All of this made the stucco building glow all the more, and I’m trying to catch the reflective quality of the abandoned dwelling with this painting.

I have no idea where this dwelling rests in New Mexico today.  All I recall is that I stayed at the Peter Hurd Ranch, enjoying for a couple of days his paintings, along with those of Henriette, Andrew and N. C. Wyeth.  Driving to Lubbock from there, I came across this dwelling in the middle of a New Mexico wasteland.

It’s been a joy to paint today, and hopefully I’ll begin a second one early tomorrow.  I’m glad we get an extra hour to sleep tonight with the time change.

Thanks for reading.