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Friday Morning in the Gallery

October 15, 2021

Quiet Friday Morning in The Gallery at Redlands

Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Circles”

Good Day, from Palestine’s Gallery at the Redlands. I was fortunate to arrive early yesterday morning and the Friday is quiet enough (so far) for me to finish my university responsibilities with little interruption.

Tomorrow we will enjoy our monthly Art Walk in Palestine, with over twenty businesses downtown displaying the works of local artists, many of the artists themselves present to greet patrons. I will spend the day painting inside Wells Creek Crossing in Old Town Palestine, and Carol Moore will run our gallery during business hours. Come out and see us and enjoy the arts from 10-3:00.

Some of the quality of today involves researching and writing the lectures for Monday’s Ethics classes at Texas Wesleyan University. Approaching mid-term, I’m deeply gratified to see a host of students “waking up” to fresh ideas and new vistas. One of them told me Wednesday that, as a business major and required to take Ethics, he was not enthusiastic, thinking he would be schooled in business law, tax codes, and a host of “ethics-related” business matters he had no interest in pursuing. He has become excited, reading the works of thinkers like Aristotle, Kant, Bentham and Nietzsche, and thanked me for opening the doors to these refreshing minds. That conversation alone made the entire semester worthwhile, and it makes it much easier to sweat my way through continual lecture preparation.

It’s time to get back to work in the Gallery. Thanks for reading.

Survey of the Palestine, Texas Art Walk

July 17, 2021
Promotional T-Shirt Design

Jean Mollard, owner of the Redlands Hotel, remains a mover and shaker for Palestine’s public events. She and I just completed a walking circuit of all the businesses that supported today’s Art Walk and I wanted to post pictures and descriptions of what we saw:

Hailey Perkins at Shearz & Beerz

Hailey Perkins was our first stop at this cool barber shop called Shearz & Beerz. Hailey works with acrylic and gouache in pastel colors to present a light and lively series of compositions. We are happy to know of her enthusiasm to participate with us again when we do this event in August. The atmosphere of this shop is warm and inviting, as is Hailey’s art.

Cecilia Bramhall, Co-Ed Shop

The lunch hour had called Cecila away as we were passing through the Co-Ed Shop, but we enjoyed visiting her husband stationed at her post, and were delighted to catch up with Cecilia at the end of the day. She was fortunate to sell work inside the Co-Ed Shop as well as inside The Gallery at Redlands today.

Cairo Reyes and Deanna Pickett Frye, Old Magnolia Sandwich Shop

Cairo and Deanna were all smiles as they stood in the midst of their expansive display space. A few of the Palestine businesses were large enough to support more than one artist on location.

Emily Thompson, Duncan Depot Antiques

By the time we reached Duncan Depot Antiques, Jean could not resist any longer. She fell in love with one of Emily Thompson’s pieces and reached for a large bill. Congratulations on your sale, Emily. We look forward to seeing you again in August!

Pam McAdams, Old Town Vintage

Pam McAdams has worked for years in acrylic and resin and has enjoyed representation in galleries in neighboring Tyler, Texas. She had quite a gathering of patrons about her when we dropped by her display in the afternoon.

Lindsey Sifers, Barnyard Boutique

Patrons dropping by the Barnyard Boutique for coffee or ice cream were greeted just inside the entrance by Lindsey Sifers and her mixed media compositions of acrylic, watercolor, crayon and pencil. She happily reported that it was a good day for conversations and art sales.

Jordan Crabill, @theglammedmillennial

Directly above the Barnyard Boutique is a magnificent loft studio where Jordan Crabill has created and sold her large acrylic paintings since February of this year, about the same time Sandi and I took possession of The Gallery at Redlands. The works displayed behind her have already been purchased by a hair salon due to open soon. Meanwhile, Jordan continues to crank out new work and receive patrons in her Manhattan-style loft, a real artist’s dream. Her BFA from University of Texas at Tyler is being put to work early.

Taylor Hammons and Daniel Maldonado, Home Grille Steakhouse

Taylor and Daniel have flourished today inside the Home Grille Steakhouse, she with her dream catchers and image transfers; he with his combination acrylic, watercolor and spray paint compositions. I was pleased to make Daniel’s acquaintance again–we had met under the art tent at Palestine’s recent Dogwood Arts Festival.

Daniel Maldonado at work
Miyoko Callaway art at Congressional Office of Lance Gooden
Sandi visits with Miyoko Callaway

Last month I was privileged to make Miyoko’s acquaintance, not long after she displayed her work at Dickens Jewelry. This time she was invited to display in Congressman Gooden’s office adjacent to The Redlands Hotel.

Abigail Killian with her photography, The Redlands Hotel

I introduced the three Killian sisters in the previous blog, as I met them while they were setting up in The Redlands Hotel lobby close to our gallery. Jean and I closed out our walking tour by re-visiting this creative trio.

Meagan Killian works on a painting
Kaitlyn Killian closes a sale

David Tripp’s work at L&L Shoes

Last month I remained in The Gallery at Redlands while L&L Shoes agreed to set up my work for display. Today I divided my time between The Gallery at Redlands and touring the entire Art Walk, meeting and interviewing the artists-in-residence. Next month, we have decided that Sandi will occupy and operate The Gallery at Redlands while I spend the day displaying and demonstrating my watercolor technique inside L&L. My thanks goes out to this business for agreeing the past two months to show my work in my absentia.

We are going to do this again August 21. More details to follow. Thanks for reading.