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Let the Madness Begin!!! May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010

Plein Air Watercolor of 1950 Chevy Sedan Delivery

Tomorrow begins the “madness.”  I’m going to join the company of Captain Ahab in search of the white whale, or Dean Moriarty in search of kicks, or Jack Kerouac On the Road, or Claude Monet chasing the fleeting light, or Paul Cezanne seeking a solid form beneath the changing colors.  Tomorrow begins an eight-day plein air extravaganza in historic Waxahachie, Texas.  Tomorrow afternoon I will set up and paint somewhere near the courthouse.  On Saturday morning I will participate in the Quick Draw inauguration (90 minutes to produce a painting that is then auctioned on the courthouse square).  Following the eight-day event, I’ll set up a booth for the Historic Mansfield Art Festival.  Two days later, I’ll begin teaching a one-week plein air watercolor class at the Eureka Springs School of Art in northern Arkansas.

To all my readers–I’m sorry the school schedule buried me once again.  But I assure you, I will be posting daily throughout this plein-air event that begins tomorrow.  As to the picture posted, I’m not sure when I’ll return to it in the studio.  I’m glad watercolor doesn’t have a shelf life.

Thanks for reading.

Idyllic Pastures, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010

Yesterday I posted my newest watercolor in progress “Jennifer in the Hunt.”  Since today I had Jury Duty, I only have had time to render one more horse in that painting.   I didn’t see that as sufficient work to re-post the picture.  I’ll wait for more progress before I present that one again.  So . . . here is one of my earliest attempts to watercolor-sketch a horse.  I wish to develop skill in rendering horses—such beautiful creatures.  My wife rides, so I am around horses much more lately, but have trouble fighting back the insecurities.  After all, this is Texas—and any tree shaken will dislodge a dozen excellent equine artists.  However, I’m going to enter that zone and do what I can.  I titled this one “Idyllic Pastures” because the sun was getting low, and I was fascinated with the play of light off the beautiful coats of the grazing horses.  Not feeling competent with the watercolor, I put plenty of drawing into this one, with graphite and water-soluble graphite, as well as watercolor pencils.  A few touches of Winsor & Newton watercolor pigments were applied as well.  I was happy with the overall result, and did a few more.  I’ll post those at a later date (maybe as soon as tomorrow if I don’t make more progress on “Jennifer in the Hunt”).