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A Little More Accomplished on Railroad Site, February 26, 2010

February 26, 2010

Abandoned Railroad Facility

I cannot believe I posted such a bad, out-of-focus photograph earlier today (just after midnight–maybe that had something to do with it!).  At any rate, I worked some more on this watercolor, and this time managed a more focused, balanced shot of it.  Everything from the prior post applies here.  I’m still loving it, enjoying the exploration of color, and hope it turns out O.K.

I started another, smaller composition of this same watercolor today as well (a 9 x 12″) and inserted a green 3-bay hopper partially emerged from the building.  The sky on the smaller one is much more wintery (like today’s sky was).  I’ll post it when there is more to show (maybe later today/tonight).

Thank you for reading.