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Watercoloring en Plein Air with Friends out on the Prairie

April 27, 2013
Tandy Hills Park, Fort Worth, Texas

Tandy Hills Park, Fort Worth, Texas


2nd attempt to Paint Wild Section of Tandy Hills Park, Fort Worth

2nd attempt to Paint Wild Section of Tandy Hills Park, Fort Worth

For the second consecutive weekend, I had the privilege of gathering with my plein air painting friends.  We met at the Tandy Hills Park in east Fort Worth and participated in Prairie Fest, a Green festival that draws a wonderful crowd of environmentally-friendly people, the best kind.  The live music was spectacular, and a number of us found a wonderful patch of wild prairie land on the east side of the park, away from all the festival booths.

I took two shots at the same spot, a stand of trees with natural grasses and flowers in the foreground.  I enjoyed my experiments in masquing and salting, as well as working with water-soluble graphite pencils and watercolor pencils, in addition to my Winsor & Newton pigments.

The skies remained overcast most of the time, so the quality of light was not the greatest.  But the cool breezes were certainly welcome, and it would not have been much fun for sun-sensitive me to stand out on an open prairie around noon with the sun beating down on me.

I’m glad to be back home this afternoon.  I’m a little tired from the morning excursion, and feel that I may have to wait until this evening to get back to work in the studio.  I have several pieces I would love to finish, but feel some fatigue setting in right now.

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