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A Sacred Space

January 23, 2012

In the studio: a Sacred Space

Time constraints have made studio hours scarce lately.  But I have the opportunity to enter the studio (man cave!) this afternoon, it appears.  As you can see, I’m still hung up in the midst of this Fort Worth Flat Iron building located on the south side of downtown.

My imagination has drifted recently to the Cathedral of Chartres (we are studying it now in Advanced Placement Art History) and the whole notion of sacred space.  Having been brought up in a church  background, and studying theology on a graduate level, I have been intrigued throughout my life with sacred space, and have found such within the confines of  churches, libraries, outdoor settings, private studies, and even the driver’s seat of my Jeep.  Whenever I find myself in a state of perfect balance and calm, whenever my internal and external world seems in order, I feel that I have entered a sacred space.  Oftentimes, that sacred space is my garage, my man cave, my artist’s studio.  Whether the VCR plays my documentary of the Cathedral of Chartres with its sacred geometry, or my stereo plays the Gregorian Chant, or even if I’m listening to recordings of T. S. Eliot reading his poetry, my dusty garage quickly transforms into a sanctuary, a sacred space, as long as I am working on a watercolor (I could probably get just as high by reading a book, but I do that in my study, not in the garage!).

Creating watercolors in the garage works.  The light is spectacular when I raise the door.  I don’t have to worry about dripping water onto the concrete floor.  I have much space for walking around, moving things about, and stepping way back from the painting to view it from a distance and from different angles.  I have plenty of space to move the large watercolor papers from drafting table, to flat table, to easel, or even onto the floor.  And I’m generally alone and solitary.  When the cat comes out to visit, he isn’t intrusive; he generally requests only a  blanket for a bed, and is content to keep to himself.

If things go as planned, I’ll re-enter my sacred space after school today, and hopefully have a progress report to post this evening.

Thanks for reading.