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Drawing from the Shadows

October 8, 2015
Charcoal Drawing from the Shadows

Charcoal Drawing from the Shadows

Good morning! One of my blogging friends posted, asking if I had ever drawn something, beginning with the shadows. It prompted me to remember something I tried only once about a year ago. Below I have posted the link to the blog entry I did back then.

So, why did I not repeat this effort? A worthy question. Simply, I forgot! I suppose life happened and I re-entered a crazy, convoluted world that combined high school and university teaching, along with art festivals and business in general. I just simply did not go back and repeat a successful charcoal attempt of covering the paper with a shade, and then using an eraser to draw the highlights. I recall that the last thing I did was take a stick of vine charcoal and draw a few dark details.

I am certain that I have this drawing lying flat in a darkened closet somewhere, waiting for a mat and frame. I never sprayed it with any kind of fixative, fearing it would stain the paper. I suppose it is time to find it and frame it. I did like the result then, and, looking at the photo, still like the overall appearance of the composition.

My thanks to your inquiry!