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Plein Air Watercolor sketch, March 3, 2010

March 3, 2010

Property adjacent to Lyndon Acres, Burleson, Texas

My watercolor of the Rogers Hotel in Waxahachie is starting to improve.  Not enough change to justify a new post however.  I’ve been out of the blog loop two days due to the end-of-six-weeks grading period at school, followed by that vomitous TAKS testing the very next day.  Now that the debris has settled, I can get back to what matters.

Today I looked through a colleague’s sketchbook/journal and was stunned at his watercolor sketches done on site as he moved through life daily.  They were so exquisite to look upon, and I was reminded that I’ve never been a sketchbook person.  Ever.  I’ve kept journals faithfully since the late 1980s, but I have never been one to fill sketchbooks.  So today I thought I would change all that.  I went to Lyndon Acres after school, and while my wife rode her horse, I did this watercolor sketch of the adjacent property as the sun was setting low.  The experience was exquisite for me.  I’m glad that I finally did a watercolor “sketch” instead of a long, drawn-out painting.  And once I laid the sketch aside, I felt “primed” to resume my hotel painting.  Hopefully I’ll have enough of that ready to post on tomorrow’s blog.

Thanks for reading.