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Business Opening Back up Around Gallery at Redlands

August 10, 2021
Queen Street Grille Re-Opening for Lunch Today

Queen Street Grille curtailed its activity lately with the departure of their chef a few weeks ago. Today a new cook has opened the restaurant for lunch. The evening menu is still light as we wait for a new chef to assume duties around August 20. It’s great to see more people coming into the hotel now for dining. The bar is still keeping its regular hours as well.

We have moved things around in the gallery as new art has arrived to replace the pieces recently sold. I still plan to stay on the premises at least until tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed renewing acquaintances with friends in the neighborhood I haven’t seen lately.

Planning for the “Wayne & Stacy” Show next week!

Barring a COVID roadblock, we’re scheduled for our next Gallery Talk for Friday night August 20 at 7 p.m. Wayne will travel from Bonne Terre, Missouri and Stacy will come from Bedford, Texas. Together they will share their perspectives (and humor) about the creative dynamics the artist experiences. You won’t want to miss this event in The Gallery at Redlands.

I hope later today to present some new work online as I continue my own creative pursuits. For the moment, it’s geting a little busy in the gallery so I’ll need to sign off for now . . .

Meet Artist Stacy Campbell, One of The Twelve

February 28, 2021
Howl Acrylic on Canvas $375

Artist Statement

Black acrylic on canvas.  Sounds simple, however my paintings have an instant impact on the viewer mainly because the subject matter is often familiar.   I create large scale paintings of people, many of whom are iconic.  Pop art meets fun energy – I want the viewer to have instant joy, a comforting feeling, as well as complexity of thought toward the subject matter.  The viewer sees something alive in the familiar faces and feels a fondness toward them, perhaps evoking memories of concerts, movies, or people they love.  It is especially important to me to honor my subject matter, whether it is a commission of a famous person, a grandmother, a child, or a beloved pet. I strive to find the depth of spirit, heart and soul in every painting.   

I grew up immersed in art.  Most days I awoke to the unmistakable aroma of fresh canvases, oil and acrylic paints, and coffee.  My mother, who was an incredibly talented abstract artist painted constantly.  She passed away in 1999 when I was thirty-three. Last year, I happened upon some of her paint and found life in a couple of the tubes.   I put a tiny bit of her paint in every single painting I produce.  This helps me feel connected to her, and I love sending a part of her out into the world.  Look for a hidden heart tucked into every painting.  Finally, when I paint, I listen to music that reflects my subject matter, either what music they created, loved, or what I think they may listen to.    

I am a teacher, a poet, an artist and a very average guitar player.  I am most happy when I am creating. Painting is like a rescue dog… it found me; therefore, I must lovingly nurture it because it is part of me.  I am especially thankful for David Tripp and his belief in my work.  He has guided me, taught me, and he and Sandi literally helped me set up for my very first art show.  I am honored to be a member of The Twelve at The Gallery at Redlands.  This is a dream come true, and I know my mother would be proud. 


Stacy will be joining The Twelve when the Galley at Redlands holds its Meet the Artist reception Saturday night, March 20 from 7-9:00. We would love to see you there.