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Feeling the Andy Warhol Adrenalin, Preparing for the Next Festival

September 7, 2012

Trinidad, Colorado

It’s Friday night.  My next art festival (Grapefest) begins in the middle of next week.  I have a weekend free to pursue the Andy Warhol/Factory lifestyle.  The only difference is that I will not have 21 employees working out of my studio, packaging my inventory.  But, I have plenty of coffee, plenty of time, plenty of space and two Andy Warhol documentary DVDs to keep me company as I work at finishing up some incomplete watercolors and matting and shrinkwrapping the ones already finished.

Above is my large 22 x 28″ piece from Trinidad, Colorado.  I still have plenty of ghost sign details to clean up, plenty of building left on the left side of the composition, and the street and sidewalk out front.  I hope to have this wrapped up on Saturday.  I’m getting ready to post other photos I’ve taken of the other works I’m packaging.  So, there is more to follow . . .

Thanks for reading.