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Lighting Up The Gallery at Redlands

February 27, 2021
Artist Stacy Campbell on Display

Never in the history of mankind, in any age in any place, have there been so many works of art, of the imagination, speaking feeling, communicating feeling, as you may here endure. The quality is various, but consider only the quantity of it.

Paul Goodman, The Empire City

Enthusiasm continues to build around The Gallery at Redlands. Sandi and I had the time and space to spend the weekend in the historic Redlands Hotel and set to work inside the gallery, hauling in furniture, arranging the works of art and setting up lights for the displays. During our weekend we had wonderful visits with Stacy Campbell and Elaine Jary as we acquired their work to transport down here, Deanna Pickett Frye as she brought in more work to install, and Cecilia Bramhall as she also brought in new work (and managed to sell one today, her second piece to go out the door since our re-organization!). Warm conversations with Lorraine McFarland and Wayne White took place over the phone, and Mark Hyde sent photos of his sculpture to accompany his bio that we’ll post next week. It was as though these artists were already working inside this space with Sandi and me! We are dying for the day when we get to see everybody, March 20 from 7-9 p.m. We earnestly hope you can come out to meet The Twelve.

Enter The Twelve

We are The Twelve.

Ruminating, fashioning, presenting,

Offering creations, gifts to our brothers and sisters.

Pondering our world, we re-shape,  we re-cut, we re-color,

Inviting prismatic light to reach diverse eyes.

We are The Twelve.

In quiet studios we dream, we feel, we cry.

We say Yes! to the invitation to create.

Our creator fashioned us in His image,

The Imago Dei, the faculty to create.

We are The Twelve.

Our paintings, pottery, photographs and sculpture weave a tapestry

Of collective lives, tightly woven fellowship of belief.

We are The Twelve.

Converging on The Gallery at Redlands, we join in chorus

To celebrate lives immersed in the arts,

Adhering to words of our patron Saint Matthew:

Art still has truth.

Take refuge there.

We are The Twelve.

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.