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Watercolor Lessons in the Gallery

January 7, 2022
Vanessa Goodwyn and Jessi Jones showing a flair for watercolor!

“How does he do it? He has only to put two strokes of color on the canvas and it’s already something.”

Renoir, speaking of Cezanne’s work

This morning’s reading brought the above remarks to my attention. I suppose it was the best way to prepare myself for this afternoon: a watercolor lesson for two artists who already possess considerable talent, training and experience. Vanessa has created watercolors of animals for years, but not landscape, whereas Jessi has developed over the years in drawing and painting with acrylic but not watercolor. It was refreshing to work with a pair of eager students who were not afraid of the brush. All the while we worked, I was reminded that I do better work when demonstrating and working quickly than during my solitary hours when I work slowly with much deliberation, caution and sterility. I had a good time this afternoon, and feel that they did as well. I obtained their permission to photograph their work in progress so my readers could see their skill and marvel as did I.

The Gallery at Redlands was a flurry of activity this afternoon and early this evening but has gotten quiet now as the restaurant dinner hour goes into its final stretch. I’ve laid out my Arkansas Cabin composition on the drating table and plan to see if I can make good progress on it while things are slow.

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