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2nd Watercolor Pencil Sketch of Church Tower

September 22, 2011

Methodist Church Tower 2

This is my second quick watercolor pencil sketch of the Provincetown Methodist Church, using as a model a watercolor Edward Hopper executed in 1930.  As yesterday, I attempted this one in a matter of minutes, with Art I classes buzzing about me.  The students were good, but it was hard to focus on this, when my real responsibility was to direct the students and “be there” for assistance in whatever way necessary.  Still, I enjoyed the stolen moments of playing with Prismacolor watercolor pencils and exploring their qualities.

The weekend is approaching.  I have no hard-set plans, so perhaps some quality time will yield itself for further study and exploration.  The Texas temperatures are cooling, and that means more opportunity for plein air activity.  I’m looking forward to that.  My next art festival is about nine days away, so I have a little time to make art.

Thanks for reading.

First Attempt at Watercolor Sketch using Prismacolors exclusively

September 20, 2011

Prismacolor Watercolor Pencil experiment

Today, while Art I students were busy with their collage experiments, I made a couple of attempts to sketch in watercolor, using only Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils.  Naturally, I couldn’t focus the way I wished, with 25 students buzzing in the same space as I, but I enjoyed this effort  nevertheless.  I only discovered this product this past summer while teaching at the Eureka Springs School of the Fine Arts.  I purchased a fistful and used them to finish out a number of plein air and studio watercolors created over the past four months.  But I have never used them exclusively.  I’m used to blocking in large areas with Winsor and Newton pigments, and occasionally reaching for the Dr. Ph. Martin liquid watercolors.  I’m still struggling with how to block in the larger areas.  I struggled somewhat with the sky portions and the ground neutrals of the tree bark. But again, once I’m alone in the studio, I’m sure I’ll be able to concentrate better.

I think I’m going to enjoy this new foray into watercolor experimentation.  I’m feeling too settled right now for my own satisfaction.  It’s time to return to the studio.  Unfortunately, I have a cursed 4-class high school load today, followed by a meeting, followed by a workshop, followed by preparations for tomorrow’s classes.  Maybe I’ll see the studio by midnight.

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