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Working through the Sickness, February 6, 2010

February 6, 2010

Whistlestop Cafe, Decatur Texas

During my convalescence from this upper respiratory infection, I’m finally feeling well enough to pick up the brush.  This posting is of a panoramic watercolor I began en plein aire last August when the weather was extremely hot.  A rainstorm had flushed away the morning, so the humidity factor was in full force when I sat beside the highway and began this work.  It began very badly.   So I packed it in, brought it home, and let it lay dormant till now.  It’s hard for me to throw away a losing watercolor effort.  Many paintings I have managed to salvage, only by letting them compost for months or even years.  At any rate, this one is already showing a remarkable improvement from its origins, so I think I’ll give it another push tomorrow.  Many times, even when the painting isn’t gallery worthy, I can still sell it at an art festival.  So, we’ll see.

This Whistlestop Cafe is in old historic Decatur, Texas, on Business Hwy 287.  The cafe has a rock exterior and the Texaco station is petrified wood.