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Re-visiting my first serious Plein Air Attempt, January 10, 2010

January 10, 2010

First Waxahachie Plein Air Attempt

One of the most important painting moments in my life is captured in this photo.  In May 2009 I had signed up to participate in the “Paint Historic Waxahachie” Plein Air Event–an 8-day painting extravaganza of a magnificent historical Texas county seat town.  This would begin on the first week of June.  For over a decade I had worked in watercolor exclusively in my studio, depending on photographs I had taken.  This Waxahachie event would include about 50 artists working directly from nature.  The event was to begin on the courthouse lawn on a Saturday morning with a 90-minute “Fast Draw” competition, involving any subject visible from the courthouse square.  The paintings would then be auctioned live at the courthouse steps.  Feeling very intimidated (I don’t watercolor fast!) I drove to the site on Friday afternoon the day before, as soon as my classes let out for the day, sat down beneath the trees on the south side of the lovely Ellis Country Courthouse, and knocked out this “quickie” of the Chisholm Grill.  I had just purchased a Winsor & Newton watercolor field box (pictured) and was ecstatic at the saturation I was achieving with new colors on my palette that  I had never used before.  What a sublime afternoon!  People continued to approach me and visit with me, asking what I was painting, and following up with every imaginable question.  I was energized by the conversations, worked quickly in the fading afternoon sun, and just felt myself swelling with liberation at the realization that I could actually do this!  That afternoon changed my life–May 29, 2009–the day I got out of the indoor studio and ventured into the plein air.  The friends I would meet that next week would mean that painting would never be the same for me again.  As Monet marked his turning point by connecting with Bazille, Renoir, Manet and Degas, so also my art fortunes turned with meeting Tina Bohlman, Kent Brewer, Steve Miller and many other dedicated professional outdoor painters in the Waxahachie circle.  Thank you, my dear friends.