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Coming Off an All-Day Plein Air Marathon

May 30, 2013
The Lone Sentry

The Lone Sentry

If I weren’t so exhausted and sleepy, I would crank out three blog posts with illustrative quotes from my reading.  But my eyes are barely open.  So I’m going to post all three of today’s paintings on this one post.  I arose at 5:30  this morning, went to school to lay out the assignments from my substitute teacher, and then drove forty minutes south to Waxahachie.  No sooner than I began on this Ellis County courthouse, it began to rain on me.  I packed up my gear and moved beneath an awning.  When the rain subsided, the gale winds took over, and I had to keep one hand on this easel the entire time, as it was trying to blow away, conterting my watercolor into a kite.  Once I finished it, I noticed with delight that Zulas Coffee House had relocated in the Texas Theater on the Waxahachie square.  After going intside and enjoying an iced latte, I moved across the street, this time inside an alcove of the courthouse, as the rains began again.

Two, Please

Two, Please

This painting seemed to take forever, as the details seemed never-ending.  And I certainly felt the fatigue beginning to set in.  I had intended to do a third painting before the 6:00 “Quick Draw” competition, but registration began at 5:30, and as the time was already 4:00, I was certain that I could not comfortably finish a third painting and get to the competition on time.  So I chilled awhile, did a little reading, took a walk, then headed for College Street to begin the Quick Draw.  In this competition, we are given ninety minutes to complete a painting, then put it on auction.  I did manage to complete my watercolor sketch of the College Street Pub, but virtually no one showed up for the auction (I believe only one artist sold her painting), so we packed our gear, enjoyed a late dinner together (about twenty of us in the Pub gardens), and then I headed for the house.  Here is the Quick Draw piece I completed:

The Quiet of the Night

The Quiet of the Night

Thanks for reading.  I need to get some quality sleep, as tomorrow I have school, followed by another round in Waxahachie.

I paint in order to remember.

I journal because I feel that I am alone.

I blog to remind myself that I am not alone.

Looking Forward to Fall Colors and Plein Air Watercoloring

September 18, 2011

Looking Forward to Fall Colors and Plein Air Watercoloring

The cool, autumnal temperatures that lightly kissed the four-day Grapefest have left me yearning for the changing colors that announce the plein air season for passionate watercolorists.  Though the art festival season will be extremely heavy from September through October, I am of a mind to commit my weekday afternoons to plein air watercolor sketching.

This is an open meadow across Business Highway 287 on the north side of Waxahachie, Texas.  I had stopped by Zula’s Coffee House late one autumn afternoon in 2010, and enjoyed my coffee outdoors at a picnic table while watching the sunlight sweep across the field across the highway.  I took out my watercolors and made quick work of this vista.  Now I’m ready to chase autumn colors with the brush again.  They cannot come soon enough.

Thanks always for reading.


Lazy Afternoon at Zula’s Coffee House. Last Day of Waxahachie Plein Air Competition

June 2, 2011

Lazy Afternoon at Zula's Coffee House, Waxahachie, Texas

Today marks the end of the plein air competition in Waxahachie (for me).  The deadline for entering work is tomorrow (Friday) at 2:00, and I will be stuck in school for the entire day.  The last week of public school is a total waste of time and resources, if I may offer my frank opinion.  Prime time every day this week has been spent in a high school where everyone–student and teacher alike–has already mailed it in.   I’m happy that I managed to crank out seven paintings since last Friday–six of them between Friday and Monday, and then the past three days on this one (again, prime time spent in school, and left-over, late-afternoon time, painting).

Zula’s Coffee House is my favorite place to land when I’m in Waxahachie, Texas.  Terra, the proprietor, has this way of making any patron comfortable and grateful for setting up in this coffee haven, any time day or night.  It has become a popular venue for folk singing, book discussions and various other small group activities.  Wi-Fi makes it a great place to work on the laptop when deadlines are pressing.  The coffee house is located on Business Highway 287, on the north side of downtown Waxahachie (Main Street).  It is far enough away from the town square to escape the traffic noises of midday, and has a life of its own (which the town square lacks after 5:00 p.m.).  The open meadow across the street provides plenty of space for anyone with an active eye and a dreamy imagination.  During the fall of last year, I painted the meadow in all the bright colors that the late afternoon sun yielded.  Again, this is a sweet spot to land for anyone who is a lover of art, books, music and of course, coffee!

Thanks Terra for a very rewarding three days.  I’m glad I finally got around to painting this splendid venue.

Thanks for reading.