Ideas Forming while Gallery Sitting


It is often said, “The public does not appreciate art!” Perhaps the public is dull,  but there is just a possibility that we are also dull, and that if there were more motive, wit, human philosophy, or other evidences of interesting personality in our work the call might be stronger.

Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

On Wednesday evenings I gallery sit as a volunteer for the Trinity Arts Guild in Bedford, Texas. My intention was to grade for my online class, but the Wi-Fi is malfunctioning, so I am left with no options other than perusing their magnificent library and writing in my journal (I cannot seem to get enough of that quality time lately).

I have posted a photo of one of the watercolors I have entered in their upcoming competition. The still life reminds me of the garage/man cave I have been reclaiming now that Texas temperatures are beginning to drop. This painting was one of a group of still lifes that I created two winters ago,  and looking at it tonight has me in the mood to return to this genre once the fall season gets underway. With my recent hiatus in sketching and painting. I have promised myself to get my groove back once the leaves turn by commiting myself to creating a painting a day (afternoons) of fall foliage, even if they are 8 x 10″ sketches. In addition to the plein air watercolor sketches of fall foliage, I have a compulsion to resume still life studies, beginning with the antique objects collected over the past couple of years.

Sitting in my festival booth last weekend, I had long stretches of quality time to reflect over the conversations I had with patrons concerning the kinds of artful images that evoke memories and imagination in the viewer as well as the creator of the art. All I need now is some time to put these new ideas into practice. It appears that my work schedule is going to provide two successive weekends coming up. My plan is to use that time “artfully”.

Thanks for reading.

I paint in order to remember.
I journal when I feel alone.
I blog to remind myself that I  not alone.

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