Christmas at the Diner on U. S. Route 66, Missouri

Christmas at the Diner on U. S. Route 66, Missouri

Tomorrow will mark our fourth consecutive day of school closures.  I’m still tinkering with this late into the night, reminiscing about late-night diners, coffee and conversations that remain with me.  Hopefully I can keep my momentum going right into tomorrow and the weekend.  This painting is growing on me.

Thank you for reading.


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2 Responses to “Christmas at the Diner on U. S. Route 66, Missouri”

  1. lindahalcombfineart Says:

    You are making good progress. This is a very detailed painting. I like the texture in the side of the building.


  2. davidtripp Says:

    Thank you, Linda. I wish I had the time to get to it just now–school has resumed with a mad, come-from-behind frenzy! I don’t have the “textured” building the way I want it just yet, but I’m hanging back, not wanting to jump in and ruin it. In fact, I’m rather “tentative” on this painting now, so I’ve started another and it has had my attention this past week. But I will indeed get back into this one, when I can get this blasted school work under control!

    Thanks for posting.


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