Drawing Into the Night

I Finally Got the Arrangement I Wanted

I Finally Got the Arrangement I Wanted

Something or someone wants to enter the world through us, and we are the portals that allow that entrance to take place.

Julia Cameron, The Sound of Paper: Starting from Scratch

My energy tapered off somewhat when the late afternoon arrived.  That happens frequently with me in my daily round, a sort of dead zone that drops uninvited into the fading day.  I refused to succumb this time, and chose instead to take up a comfortable reading position in a little-used room in the rear of my house, a place where I store most of my art work and all my musical instruments.  I have finally set up a nice little reading nook in the corner and decided to cozy up to some of Julia Cameron’s writings.  I could understand how one would read arrogance into that quote above, but I found it humbling.  As I sat and meditated on those words, I thought of the still life arrangement waiting in the garage studio and the notion that converting that assembly into a watercolor image was going to depend upon me.  I rose quickly and went back to work, choosing this time to work on hot-press watercolor paper (something I gave up around 2006).  I thought I would be daunted by the smooth surface, but I found myself happy with the ease in which the pencil glided over the surface, like an ice skater.

 Drawing is the dividing of a plane surface.

Robert Motherwell

Earlier today, two inspiring friends of mine, Gail and Dan, offered a metal fly box for me to insert into this arrangment.  I have an excellent collection of vintage flies, but all my fly boxes are modern, and I did not want to introduce any of them into this traditional assembly.  I’m grateful for the loan, and was even more grateful for the fasicnating conversation they offered, as they always do.  It was hard to leave their home and return to my own private space.

The hour is drawing rather late, and the day has been a long, but productive one.  I’ll probably let the drawing rest for the night and go after it with fresh vigor in the morning.  I think I hear the whisper of neglected books from inside my house.  Reading sounds like a wonderful decompression at the close of the day.

Thanks always for checking out my blog.

I paint in order to remember.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself that I am not alone.

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