Drawing at Leisure


As the morning temperatures hold steady and cool, greeting November, I’m gratified to be seated outdoors, gazing at trees and drawing with pencil.   Sketching sets my mind free, allowing me to sort out my reading over the weekend. At the same time, my eye delights in the natural designs woven through these tree branches next door.

3 Responses to “Drawing at Leisure”

  1. Xraypics Says:

    Seems like a long time since I saw anything from you in WordPress, but by dates it’s only just over two weeks. Hoping you are well.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Tony, you are a great Friend, thank you. I’ve been knocked down by a nasty sinus infection for over a week, and though I have felt like blogging the past couple of days, the ugly school deadlines have piled up and won’t wait. Thank you for looking in on me. I am getting stronger every day and hope to be on top of my school work very soon. Then I’ll get back to my Real Life of Art and have something about which to write (I never wanted to write a “whiney-I’m so sick and unhappy today-blog”). I hope things are better in your corner of the world.


      • Xraypics Says:

        SNAP! Both Heather and I have also been down with flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, on antibiotics with such incomprehensible names I can hardly pronounce them. Mate, there’s nothing worse than a bad winter cold. Get some good whiskey down you and go to bed (take more with you). Here’s hoping the lurgi leaves you soon.


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