Sunday morning thoughts while sketching

We are preparing for yet another day trip today, having returned home late last night from the symphony in Tyler, Texas.

Finding the weather outdoors gorgeous beyond description, I decided to pull up a chair in the garage and see if I could capture some of our neighborhood sites in a SketchBook.

While sketching, my mind does not stop. So when I paused in the midst of the sketch I decided to write the following:

What does drawing do for me? It slows my breathing. Relaxes me. And, at the same time, it focuses me. Drawing allows me to concentrate my gaze, my attention, my love and devotion, to the Subject which has rendered me an object. I have given myself to a Subject, and worshipfully move to translate the experience onto a white, two-dimensional rectangle.

Thanks for reading.


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4 Responses to “Sunday morning thoughts while sketching”

  1. gaiainaction Says:

    Beautiful thoughts and words David! I’m glad you shared those with us, they are inspiring in the way that I want to we can ask ourselves these questions too whatever we are doing.


  2. gaiainaction Says:

    Beautiful thoughts and words David, they are inspiring, I like to think that we can ask ourselves the same questions and inspire ourselves with the answers we find… Thanks for sharing this with us.


  3. Rupali Says:

    Such beautiful sketches.


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