Saturday at Art on the Greene

Saturday at Art on the Greene

Good morning.  I am posting yesterday’s blog today, from home, because I choose not to pay for the AT&T Wi-Fi at Cowboys Stadium.  Following  is what I wrote in yesterday’s journal while seated outside my booth, waiting for the show to open:

I entered Richard Greene Linear Park on a sun-washed spring morning with the temperatures holding at a sensuous 70 degrees.  The canal flowing behind my booth provided a meeting place for a circle of giggling birds.  Twenty minutes later, I sat serenely in my director’s chair beneath the enormous canopy tree on the north side of my booth.  The walls of the booth were rolled up, breezes were flowing through, the art work was all in place, and patrons were already beginning to drift by.  The Advil successfully fought back the aches my body suffered from yesterday’s six-hour load-in and set-up.  The Starbuck’s bistro “breakfast-on-the-run” proved the perfect respite beneath the tree–coffee, sliced apple, grapes, cheese slices, English muffin and honey peanut butter.  I have a watercolor easel set up at my side, and I’m thinking seriously about beginning a plein air sketch for my own a, and perhaps for the passers-by.  It is not an easy task, trying to describe the long stretches of space spent alone in the artist’s booth during a three-day festival.  But conversations with patrons who enjoy festival art replenish my weary spirits more than I can say, and I cherish every one of them. 

Now, on the morning after, I can add to my journal entry.  Saturday was remarkable, with throngs of people who never diminished throughout the day and evening.  With this being the first large art festival in the history of Arlington, Texas, it proved a real homecoming for me, with teachers, former colleagues and former students coming by in droves and renewing acquaintances.  I cannot begin to describe the well-being and comfort I drew from talking with all of them.  The sales were phenomenal, and I even managed to create three plein air watercolor sketches at the easel, thus opening up further opportunities for conversation with those curious enough to approach and see what I was attempting.

A splendid day indeed.  Now today, Sunday, we are there once more from 11 to 5:00.  Then comes the break-down and load-out, and a weary trip to the bed so I can rise at 6:00 tomorrow and begin another week at school.

Thanks always for reading.

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One Response to “Saturday at Art on the Greene”

  1. Dena Hill Says:

    Hi David,

    It was such a pleasure visiting with you yesterday and seeing your fine work in person. The festival was just wonderful. Please pass that along to the organizer. Hopefully it will continue and in the same location. Just beautiful! Have a great spring and summer. I’ll be keeping up with you via this blog!


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